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About us

The bikers are:


Elina Larsen

Comes from Geilo in Hallingdal, Norway, and has recently finished her degree as a civile engineer / master of science at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NTNU, in Trondheim, Norway. Ståle's girlfriend and has spent a year in Vietnam as a Fredskorpset-participant, and there she got the idea of biking home in stead of taking a plane. Likes the forest and the mouintains, and likes to be outdoors. Also likes to travel and meet new cultures.

Ståle Brekka

Comes from Seljord in Telemark, Norway, and Elina's boyfriend the last six years. Recently finished his education in physics at NTNU in Trondheim, Norway. Now he is looking for a job, but has a job as a "fork lift operator" at Coop's storage house in Trondheim.
Loves funny devices and computers and everything that you can plug a cable into. Through the last years he has found the joy of cycling, and also likes a trek (norwegian: tur) in the forest or in the mouintains.