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Takk til

Thanks to

If it wasn't for these people and organisations, this trip would never have been made or would at least have been hard to do. So we want to give a big thank you to the folowing:

Ståle's brother; dentist Arve Brekka in Kristiansand, Norway who lent us his organisation number so we could get the domain

Marit Aakerholt w/ coleags at National Geographic Department (NGD) in Vientiane, Laos who made very good peronaliced maps for our route through Laos. And the payment is a Cage of BeerLao.

Elina also wants to say thank you to Ståle for all the preperations that had to be made in Norway without her help (since she was in Hanoi). For instance packing the apartment for moving, getting ecuiptment, selling funiture, the car, etc....

Fredskorpset and Statens Kartverk who gave Elina the oportunity to stai in Vietnam for one year, and therby also to ride a bike home.

Ståle's friend and colleg at Coop, Joakim Storvoll who helped a lot with the layout for this homepage.

Elina's aunt Alice in Denmark who lent a bed to Ståle when he was in Denmark to get the bikes.

Michael Naismith and Jodie Taylor who shared willingly their good advice and experiences. They biked around the globe for four years.

The Coordinator for the Fredskorps program in Hanoi; Mr. Co who helped with the organisation of getting a Vietnameese visa.

Peters Bike Supply i Copenhagen for fantastic service.

Koga Miyata for some sponsing of the bikes and for making great bikes.

Ståle's mother and father who was glad to lend us both one and two and three cars to transport the bikes and all our stuff for the move from Trondheim. And also for storeing all our stuff.

Eric Mortensen and Jardar Vaaland from Sykkelekspedisjonen 2005 for many and valuable tips.